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Long-term success starts with solid fundamentals

At Fundamentals we provide a wide range of book-keeping/accounting services to clients including:

  • Book-keeping and management of all your basic accounting records;

  • Production of periodic management accounts for internal decision-making, including profitability & cash flow statements for:​​​

    • External monitoring purposes, including regulatory reporting and bank covenants
    • Preparation of the annual financial statements.


If an audit of the financial statements is required, we will liaise with external auditors to ensure the audit process also becomes a platform for improved business management and information.



Frequent domestic and international legislative changes make the managing of your tax affairs an increasingly complex exercise whether your business, economic and financial interests are managed via an incorporated or unincorporated entity or in a personal capacity.

At Fundamentals, our highly skilled team of cross-border tax professionals - hand in hand with your trusted tax attorneys, if need be - can assist you in managing your tax obligations, in optimising your existing and future tax liabilities whilst complying with and operating within the boundaries of all applicable laws and regulations.


Our core services include:

  • Liaising with your tax attorneys for the

    • Preparation of tax returns and computations

    • Tax planning process

    • Corporate groups structuring and reorganisations

  • Support to businesses, institutional investors and individuals relocating to Luxembourg and other EU countries

  • Capital gains tax matters

  • Indirect and Payroll Taxes

  • Trusts, estates and inheritance tax


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