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Expect more: at Fundamentals we work hard to deliver; it is our best advertising

Our corporate services team has the experience and expertise to identify and manage issues faced by companies and institutional investors across a wide variety of industries. We have assisted companies and institutional investors ranging from start-ups all the way to listed multinational corporations and global professional investors operating across various jurisdictions.


We pride ourselves on offering bespoke, handcrafted solutions to enable you to enhance and maintain your assets through a combination of managing risks, complying with local regulations and improving the efficiency of your business. In doing so, we keep a constant and open dialogue with your trusted advisors. 

From initial structuring and planning - hand-in-hand with your lawyers and tax attorneys - through to incorporation and ongoing management of companies, we offer a unique, creative and collaborative approach to maximising your objectives. Our specialist service teams will also assist you in dealing with, amongst others, accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance matters, KYC AML CFT compliance, trading and treasury services, recruitment and payroll administration and local logistical support.

Our corporate solutions include:

  • Company formation and implementation (SPFs, SoParFis, Securitisation Companies, GPs, Carried Investment Vehicles, SCSp)

  • Provision of registered address and/or equipped offices and legal vehicles management

  • Legal administration and company secretariat 

  • Accounting support and reporting 

  • Direct and indirect tax compliance

  • Management of transactional and financing vehicles

  • All-round support to operational companies for local projects, orders or construction sites

  • Liquidation of companies at the end of their life-cycles

  • Escrow services, banking and treasury management services

  • Netting services, cash pulling and inter-company loans management

  • Payroll services, recruitment and provision of local staff

  • Provision of office space at our associated company: HBO business centre

  • Provision of local resident NEDs with relevant industry exposure and expertise

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