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Always by your side to assist you in reaching and building milestones

With significant wealth, comes both opportunity and responsibility. Your Fundamentals' TEAM provides the expertise and services that enable private clients, entrepreneurs and multi-generational families to protect and enhance their wealth.

We work hand in hand with law firms, tax attorneys, wealth managers, private banks and other specialists to ensure smooth navigation of the challenges and complexities of sustaining wealth over generations so that you can enjoy your success, your life's passions, and your family.

For private clients, we are able to establish and manage single or multi-family offices to suit each client's unique needs together with your trusted advisors, if need be. We are also able to assist in establishing trusts and foundations for estate or tax planning purposes. 

Our range of private wealth services include:

  • SPFs, trusts and foundations, SoParFis

  • Incorporation and administration of family offices

  • Private banking ancillary services and bank accounts supervision

  • Structuring and management of intellectual property assets 

  • Institutionalising private wealth by setting up dedicated investment solutions

  • Practical implementation of tax planning solutions in cooperation with your tax attorneys/lawyers

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