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Structuring today in a bespoke and handcrafted fashion for a safer future, from B to Z

Our team of 20+ professionals believe a satisfied client is our best salesperson: we understand that word-of -mouth is our best publicity.

Fundamentals' clients can lean on an entrenched customer-centric culture and experienced professionals who have been involved in numerous onshore and cross-border investments servicing. Together, we have the expertise to ensure that our clients' investment objectives are continually fulfilled, in a compliant fashion, throughout the life of their Luxembourg-based investment vehicles, from initial set up to their actual maintenance and eventual liquidation. 

With the assistance of our international network of legal, regulatory, tax and accounting partners, Fundamentals can assist you with choosing the right service providers on a global scale. We believe in servicing our clients from B to Z, leaving the A (for Advisory) to our clients' trusted Advisers. We stick to actual set up and servicing of legal structures and do not offer advisory services of any kind. We implement clients' advisers recommendations and offer full logistical support to our clients in straight coordination with their trusted consultants.

Fundamentals' senior management team cumulates more than 115 years of relevant professional experience and has exercised its talents in various industries around the world: from the EU-UK, to the USA and Asia, with backgrounds in financial and corporate services, banking, hospitality, real estate asset management, industry and audit.

The operational and management teams' academic backgrounds span from Law, to Economics, Finance/Accounting, Management Studies and Business Administration. Some of our senior members have worked for listed global players as members of their companies' management board teams; others exercised their talents at a Big Four (once known as Big Five) and global corporate services' players.

English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Luxembourgish are languages spoken and written by our our team members. Thanks to our international academic and professional experiences, Fundamentals' team can  successfully offer cross border solutions answering its international clientele needs.

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